For Women By A Woman. Runway Heels was built on the idea of not compromising on our vision and beliefs. Born in Silicon Beach. engineered in Silicon Valley. we bring both style and comfort to your feet.

As women. we understand that you can’t be labeled. You are a mother, wife, executive, etc. juggling multiple hats and doing it all in style. We wanted to create a shoe that works FOR you and FITS into your life. not the other way around. You can’t be labeled, and neither can our shoes. More than a heel. More than a flat.

We are Runway Heels.

Our Co-Founder / Product Designer


From a young age. Miguel knew he was born to be a fashion designer. And he started his dream at 15 years old by collaborating with Neiman Marcus to design couture wear for celebrities.

He’s worked with top brands such as Yves Saint Laurent. Sergio Rossi. Nike and Guess and even opened his own boutiques.

As he grew his fashion career. he fell in love with the footwear industry and studied under the master shoemakers in New York. Soon after. he started the Shoemakers of Los Angeles to push the boundaries on shoemaking technique.

Passionate about what he does. Miguel moves towards his creative vision with his whole heart.

That’s why when Melody approached him with her idea. he immediately saw the vision and partnered with her to make it a reality. He was the first shoemaker to say YES to Melody and her idea.

And the rest is Runway Heels history.

Our Founder / CEO


As a former flight attendant. Melody knew firsthand the inconvenience of always having to switch from heels to flats and back throughout the day.

Her vision was to create the first push button retractable heel. Afteral I. if a plane can retract its wheels thousands of miles in the the air. why can’t a heel do the same on the ground.

This one inspiration led to Runway Heels.

But the journey wasn’t without challenges. Over and over. Melody was told NO by the top shoemakers and shoe making schools around the world when she shared her idea.

Instead of compromising. she decided to do something about it.

She sought out the engineers at Silicon Valley to help bring her vision to life.

Because she didn’t compromise on her vision. you don’t have to compromise either by trading style for comfort or deciding between wearing flats or heels.


To create a world where all women can live without compromise.

Our vision extends past shoes. That’s why we’ve pledged to give XX% of our profits to charities that fight human trafficking around the world.

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To rethink possibilities around the way shoes are designed so they fit women’s busy lives and not the other way around.